In August 2011, I headed to South Korea for 12 months to teach English as part of the EPIK scheme. I'd never taught before, I'd never travelled that far before. Big move didn't quite cut it. This blog details my preperations and my experiences living, working, teaching and travelling in South Korea. Happy Reading. Feel free to leave comments and to ask any questions! Hannah Rogers

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South Korea’s Boryeong Mud Festival

Want to see more photos and videos from the mud festival? Check out the #boryeong hashtag and the location pages for Daecheon Beach, Boryeong Mudfest and 대천해수욕장.

Every July, thousands flock to Boryeong, South Korea, for its annual Mud Festival. Started in 1998, the 9-day festival originated as a way to market the health and cosmetic benefits of the region’s mud. Tons of mud is trucked to the Daecheon Beach area where it is used as the centerpiece of “Mud Experience Land” complete with mud pools, mud slides, mud prisons, mud skiing competitions and colored mud for body painting.

The festival continues through 28 July. Those interested in attending—either this year or in the future—may want to review our tips for keeping your mobile device dry while splashing around!

This is where I was this past weekend. And it was honestly underwhelming. Proper update coming soon.

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